Solomasakhan (8-counts)
with Aly Tatchöl Camara

From the CD liner notes:
In Guinea, when we are not dancing, we sing the rhythms with our mouths. When I first moved to the U.S. in 1993, I noticed that people would clap while counting. I realized that this way of counting the 8-counts would be a good skill to teach students. Using this counting method, I always break at the proper place and I can make music.

I hope this CD will be easy for you to use in your home practice, or as a tool for teaching or performances.

$ 15.00

Susu Language Course – Level 1

From the Introduction:
Aly has created a Susu language course as an extention of his weekly classes. Susu is one of the traditional languages of Guinea. It is spoken primarily in the coastal region which includes the cities and villages of Conakry, Kindia, Boffa, Kamsar and Boke. This unique language course is designed for students of Guinean drumming and dance who are plannning a trip to Guinea or who would just like to be able to speak basic Susu with their Guinean teachers in America.


Djembe necklace (handmade by Aly)

Each $10.00

10 or more $7.00

Clothing (handmade by Aly)

Shirts $30.00

Pants $50.00

Both $70.00